The Covid-19 Response & Recovery Project

As the Covid-19 crisis unfolded in spring 2020, TIP searched for best practices for a rapid response framework that would engage communities of color in mitigation efforts.  We located one in the City of Chicago and worked with state leaders to propose a similar framework for the state of New Jersey.

TIP partnered with members of New Jersey’s Legislative Black Caucus to develop a legislative framework for collecting racial data on Covid-19 that was passed by the New Jersey legislature and signed into law by Governor Murphy.

With the help of students from Elise Boddie’s spring 2020 civil rights class, TIP joined forces with two partners—Susan Feathers, Assistant Dean for Pro Bono at Rutgers Law School; and Dina Nehme, a Rutgers graduate student—to produce a report documenting best practices avcilar escort around the country for responding to Covid-19 and highlighting other social justice work in the areas of housing rights and homelessness, immigrant justice, and prisoners’ rights.

TIP is working with the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice to map the underlying social and economic stressors that threaten the recovery of communities hardest hit by Covid-19 and to map Covid-19 data.  These maps will be used to advance policies that maximize the opportunity for strong community recovery. See The New Jersey Mapping Project under Our Projects.