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“Facing Segregation in our Schools,” Elise Boddie joins David Cruz on NJPBS’ ChatBox (February 19,2022) Watch here »

Vow to nominate Black woman to Court spurs ‘spiral of racist and sexist tirades’ | Elise Boddie joins Chris Hayes and Elie Mystal on MSNBC to discuss President Biden’s vow to nominate a Black woman as his Supreme Court Justice pick, and what’s at stake for Affirmative Action in college admissions. (January 27, 2022) Watch here »

“Murphy’s Strange Fight Against Integration of Schools,”  (April 18, 2021) Click here »
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“In Full View of Race: Elise Boddie on Integration” | The Integrated Schools Podcast, season 6, episode 4: | (March 17, 2021) Click below to listen to the podcast

In Full View of Race: Elise Boddie on Integration


More News:

“Five myths about school segregation,” (October 30, 2020). Click here »

“Rutgers Law School Brings Students Together to Tackle Segregation,” (February 18, 2020). Click here »

“The History of White Supremacy and Racism,” on Steve Adubato’s Think Tank (November 30, 2019) See the program here »

“Why American Public Schools Still Segregated?,” UC Berkeley News, (March 4, 2020). Click here »

“Spotlight on: The Inclusion Project,” In the two years since Rutgers Law School Professor Elise Boddie started The Inclusion Project—an academic center that explores legal, policy, and community engagement strategies for promoting racial inclusion—the center has taken on several weighty issues in the state of New Jersey, most notably, school segregation. (October 30, 2019) Click here »

“SOMSD Could Lead the Way in School Integration,” (October 5, 2018). Click here »

Elise Boddie, “If the 2020 Candidates Talk About Reparations, They Must Also Talk About Segregation” (September 19, 2020). Click here »

Opinion: “Race is challenging but liberals shouldn’t ignore it.” Click here »

“Group May Head Back To Court Over Lack of NJ School Desegregation.” Click here »

“At the height of school desegregation, from 1964 through the 1980s, high school graduation rates for black students improved significantly. So did standardized test scores.” Click here »

“Segregation remains a stain on our schools and on our society, and now a few brave souls in our state, led by former New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Gary Stein, have dared to say so.” Click here »

“SOMSD Could Lead The Way In NJ School Integration” – South Orange, NJ – Forum on Integration and Equity calls for South Orange/Maplewood to blaze the trail in New Jersey. Click here »

“A coalition of civil rights groups says the state’s school system is unconstitutional and prevents students of color from reaching their full potential.” Click here »

“Lawsuit Seeks To End Segregation In NJ Schools.” Click here »

“NJ schools are considered among the most racially divided in the nation. But undoing decades of de facto segregation presents significant challenges.” Click here »

The school district covering Morristown and Morris Township in New Jersey is one of the few deliberately integrated districts in the state. A new suit seeks to force desegregation statewide. Click here »

“Black Community Leaders: Make Black lives really matter in New Jersey” (June 7, 2020). Click here »

Opinion: “Kamala Harris Has a Brilliant Idea on Abortion.” Click here »

“Imagine this scenario: An admissions officer sits down to read a stack of applications, but they’re heavily redacted because the college must censor all references to an applicant’s race.” Click here »

Philando Castile was shot to death last July on his way home from buying groceries with his girlfriend and her 4-year-old daughter. Last week, the Minnesota police officer who killed him was acquitted by a jury on all counts. Click here »