School Integration

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  • Group May Head Back To Court Over Lack of NJ School Desegregation. Click here »
  • At the height of school desegregation, from 1964 through the 1980s, high school graduation rates for black students improved significantly. So did standardized test scores. Click here »
  • Segregation remains a stain on our schools and on our society, and now a few brave souls in our state, led by former New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Gary Stein, have dared to say so. Click here »
  • SOMSD Could Lead The Way In NJ School Integration – South Orange, NJ – Forum on Integration and Equity calls for South Orange/Maplewood to blaze the trail in New Jersey. Click here »
  • A coalition of civil rights groups says the state’s school system is unconstitutional and prevents students of color from reaching their full potential. Click here »
  • Lawsuit Seeks To End Segregation In NJ Schools. Click here »
  • NJ schools are considered among the most racially divided in the nation. But undoing decades of de facto segregation presents significant challenges. Click here »
  • The school district covering Morristown and Morris Township in New Jersey is one of the few deliberately integrated districts in the state. A new suit seeks to force desegregation statewide. Click here »

Access to Justice

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Affirmative Action

Imagine this scenario: An admissions officer sits down to read a stack of applications, but they’re heavily redacted because the college must censor all references to an applicant’s race. Click here »

Criminal Justice

Philando Castile was shot to death last July on his way home from buying groceries with his girlfriend and her 4-year-old daughter. Last week, the Minnesota police officer who killed him was acquitted by a jury on all counts. Click here »